We’re off to see the Wizard

We’re off to see the Wizard, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Social media command centers; are they hype or real.  Is it a showcase or delivering value.  My answer: depends on how you set it up, and how seriously you care about listening to what your customers have to say and what matters to them.  With the latter view, listening to understanding and acting seems to me to help scale the application of social across and business, fundamentally bringing the customer voice inside your company. In that respect, listening understanding and action are equivalent to tapping your ruby red slippers 3 times and saying “there is no place like home.”  A home for your business is rooted in customers at the center of all you do.

A centralized social media command center coupled with listening across various business functions is akin to Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion following that yellow brick road through creepy forests, poppy fields, rain and rust and fear.  Together they get to Oz to see the wizard because they were able to deal with incidents along the way, as well as confront the big crisis, a melting witch.

Micro listening , day to day engagement and action across various parts of business by the people who know and understand the intricacies of their part of the business/specialty; a command center keeping a global and macro perspective, ensuring coordinated efforts when needed, and both sets of eyes on all the various commentary and issues along the way.

As a result, this happy little group with different strengths and weaknesses achieve the overall objective to get to Oz.  And once in Oz, they again, work together and report on all they have seen and done in order to ensure, their due rewards, going home.

Can you find and follow your yellow brick road, get to Oz and tap the ruby slippers 3x to get home?  Lets get over the rainbow then.

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