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Social Media Strategies and Corporate Communications.

Dell’s Amy Heiss introduces participants to the Dell SMaC teamRichard Binhammer has always worked with great leaders and companies. In his 30 years plus career, he has focused on problem solving, organized change, communications and public support. Fortunately, Binhammer has always found himself in a position of respectful influence. He started in politics building electoral coalitions and managing election campaigns.

RichardSpeaking2Shortly after this he advised organizations and companies on solutions to public policy issues. He was involved in lobbying and public affairs and moved onto public relations and corporate communications. During this time, Richard developed policies related to the emerging online world and how these policies were having an impact and changing how we think about communications and corporate reputations.

Social and Business:  The Web and its evolution from a static to interactive medium continues to change how we think about and engage with customers, investors, employees/suppliers and the communities that impact any business – the 4 main stakeholder groups for any business.  I bring more than 6 years’ experience inside a Fortune 50 company building out successful social efforts across business.

Social Networks:  Between 2006-2012 various social networks launched including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.  We beta tested various efforts in order to determine the most appropriate, efficient and effective ways to use these for business.  Experimentation, engagement and measurement were critical to moving forward.  Equally important is the content and connectivity/community strategy.

Organizing for Business Success:  From the front lines to the back end organization, I was part of our drive to establish an organizational model for success that included: metrics and measurement; alignment across business units and functions; supporting the scaling of social media across businesses and functions that would also further drive connectivity with customers; and company-wide training and executive support efforts to minimize risk and build capacity. You can read more here.

Engagement:  In 2006, I was one of the first Dell employees to track, respond or determine what to do with 4000+ posts a day on the Web about the company (by 2012 that number would grow to 25,000+).  In the beginning there were no social search tools, accepted workflows or content managements systems.  Within a few months of our beginnings, the negative commentary declined by more than 50% and positive engagement from customers was on the upswing.  This included working through several crises such as “Dell hell” and faulty flaming batteries. We also launched the first investor relations blog to connect directly with investors.

Social and Communications: Before 2006, my career involved public affairs, public relations and corporate communications, including issues and campaign management, corporate positioning/messages, thought leadership, media relations, product PR and corporate reputation. Coming to social and business with this background has offered me the chance to experience both the tremendous challenges and opportunities that social media creates for communications and public relations. The social Web has significant implications for the fundamental underpinnings and strategies of successful public relations. More detailed background and expertise is available on LinkedIn


“Whether your business is just beginning to use social media or has been on a rapid adoption curve implementing a range of social programs, there are likely organizational, operational, program/content and talent challenges that are among some of the factors hindering success”



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“We had Richard spend several days with us, listening and then kicking the tires and sharing ideas with functions across our businesses. It was fruitful and left us with lots to think about and do!”
Keith McArthur VP Social Media, Rogers Communications
“Richard has set an impressive precedent by responding to Dell posts within as little as two hours, often within mere minutes….Perhaps most successfully, has been Richard Binhammer’s personal involvement in Dell’s social media efforts. As a member of the Dell blogger outreach program, he comments on different blogs pertaining to computers and social media.”
Richard Binhammer is a corporate social media pioneer. A long-standing Dell advocate of all things social, Richard’s work for Dell is living proof that organizations who engage social media reap the rewards. And those that don’t, well we know what happens to them too Richard began by leading Dell’s social media monitoring and response initiatives and was an early adopter for Dell on Twitter and Facebook. (Anyone with a Twitter account since 2007 knows @RBinhammer as a god-like figure!)”
“…that he’s the guy largely responsible for Dell’s pioneering moves in social media over the past four years. While ‘pioneering’ is a strong word (and at the risk of sounding unduly sycophantic after an interstate trip on the company’s dime), I think it’s an apt one, particularly when you check out this chart.”
Killing ROI in social media… Binhammer is on to something (he usually is). Thinking about business objectives instead of ROI makes the whole strategy that much workable and doable.”
Binhammer has played a key role in the dramatic turnaround of Dell’s online reputation”; one of the key people responsible for that shift from ‘hate’ to ‘great'”
“Richard’s analysis of survey data on our team’s adoption of social media was insightful. His insights and recommendations not only pulled together the survey data but he also had several innovative ideas that will strengthen adoption and use of social media across the team.”
Ashley Brown Group Director, Digital Communications and Social Media, Coca-Cola


“Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going…” – Sam Levenson

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