It’s about Relationships: Panel Picker in all the noise at SXSW

South by Southwest kicks off its annual panel picker and have we got a panel for you. It is about the maturation of social media, management of it inside big business, and ultimately, getting results.

Thrilled to join my colleagues for this panel.  They are social pros who have been around the block and know what they are talking about — not to mention are likely also real good at engaging you in the discussion we will start.  They include:

  • Michelle Kostya of BlackBerry a long time community and social advocate and professional;
  • former Samsung and now Sprinklr, whiz kid, Esteban Contreras Sprinklr, Inc.,
  • as well as my good friend and a social soul mate, Frank Eliason from Comcast and now at Citi,

We promise to rock the house at SXSW if you give us a vote.  We will bring a full and frank (no pun intended) perspective to how to manage the madness and actually move forward to adapt the enterprise eco-system so that social efforts focus on what really counts — the relationships your business has with its’ customers and its’ stakeholders.

We plan to talk about some of those unspoken things like the tug-of-war across product teams, departments, regions and partners such as agencies. We will have a panel that interacts and engages to make us all think about “what is the empowered customer” and how is technology really forcing us to think “change”.  The enterprise ecosystem is being forced to adapt.  It is all about a real social relationship – and a road map to get there.  You can learn more here:


Won’t you give us a vote here:

PS: Yes….Allhat6 will ride again.  Details in the new year.  It’s not part of the panel picker 🙂

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