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Social Media Adoption and Innovation Challenges

social adoption continues to be a business journey where experimentation within business functions and across departments continues to be the path forward.

90% of All Jobs Will Require Social and Digital Skills.  Are You Ready?

Businesses wanting to take advantage of social media may not be ready to seize the opportunity.  McKinsey reports that social media adds up

Visual Communications/Storytelling: The Fashion Industry at its’ Best

Over the past year and a half of delivering social and communications consulting services, I have had the pleasure to travel to

Business Visual Communications in Today’s Mobile and Socially Connected World

visual communications for business in the social/mobile context is poised for strong growth. However, operationalizing a comprehensive visual communication strategy for business faces challenges

Visual Communications: Learning from the Past about Storytelling, Accounting, Values & Being

Throughout history, visual communications have been with us– as a language and used to tell stories — more than simply an “asset”

Avoiding the “S” Curve Plateau in Public Relations

That little plateau in the “S” curve has proven to be a trouble spot for many industry leaders. How public relations and corporate communications professionals do not plateau in the S curve confronting the industry

On The Job Training/ Skills Matter, Alot: Employees Matter Alot too

Taking a break from the series of posts exploring visual literacy and communications to post about something else I care deeply about

Understanding Visual Processes to Unlock Paths to Effective Visual Communications

As we are, or become, awash in visual images then understanding the “operations” of visual perception are likely important starting points for

Dilemmas in a Visual Web on a Roll

Erik Kessels installation art: a day of photos uploaded: The visual web is on a roll That momentum brings a new set of